The Beauty Bank has now closed

2020 was a tumultuous year for most of us in the community, including The Beauty Bank. We have been so proud to offer the service of Life's Little Luxuries bags for adult females and males and older teens to other charities, private and government community organisations, free of charge, since 2013. Our packs grew from humble beginnings of a few hotel size toiletries packed in Jen Armstrong's lounge room to the beautiful bags with between 12-16 items we present year-round now. In 2016 we added Life's Little Christmas Luxuries bags and the motto of "no toothpaste, no tampons" to make these strictly gift bags. Christmas is a time when many don't receive gifts as is traditional to do so.

Our recipients over the years have been many. We know that with every bag or gift pack given to an organisation's client, probably at least one or two additional people have benefited. By 31 December 2020 we had offered approximately 17,500 individuals the gift of self-care and self-confidence.

After a lot of soul searching, the committee concluded that we could no longer keep The Beauty Bank going as a viable organisation. As well as offering our bags free of charge to other organisations for their clients, The Beauty Bank has always offered assistance to the community in times of crisis. This first happened when the Kurnell tornado of 2016 wreaked havoc. At this time we allowed another organisation to distribute our handbags full of essential items to the local community. In 2020, following the devastation of floods and fires with COVID-19 hot on the heels, grants for what we do have been non-existent. Over the last 12 months, we had to move twice, and, at the end of the year it was due to happen again. Our wonderful community has rallied as best they could to assist us but product and monetary donations were well down. We had to put our cash reserves into play into keeping the quality of our bags as high as the recipients deserve.

The Beauty Bank closed its doors on 31 December 2020 with much sadness. I, personally, am so proud of all that The Beauty Bank and our supporters have achieved over the years and the difference we have made to so many lives. This year just got the better of us, and it is time to let other organisations meet the needs of the clients we have serviced over the last seven years, similarly.



Life's little luxuries, to those in need.

The Beauty Bank is a registered charity which aims to bring a little light into the lives of those going through dark times. We provide gift bags for women, men and older teens who have left a place of domestic violence or other hardship situation.

We collect basic toiletries and life’s little luxuries, such as those listed overleaf. These products should be full size, unused with seals unbroken and within its use by date. A body wash, a lip stick, a small bottle of perfume can all go a long way to lift someone else's spirits and show them that their community cares.

Cash donations may be made through and are tax deductible.


Donations of all unopened, unused beauty products and toiletries (for men and women) are gratefully accepted. Products should be full size, unused with seals unbroken and within its use by date. For a list of what we collect, click here. Please note, our last collection day will be the 9th of October.

Cash donations may be made through and are tax deductible.

If you would like to know more about The Beauty Bank or how you can get involved, contact us or follow us on Facebook.