June 30, 2015


Some FAQ answered, hope this helps! If you have any other questions give Jen a call on 0401045981 or Denise on 0407 953 323. Our email address is thebeautybankau@gmail.com

  1. The Beauty Bank only accepts unopened and unused toiletries and makeup (except perfume). This is for two reasons, we want to make every recipient of a gift pack feel loved and special and also due to hygienic reasons.

  2. The Beauty Bank accepts toiletries, makeup, ‘gift’ items such as candles, jewellery and accessories.

  3. Our postal address is PO Box 991, Sutherland NSW 1499. A box posted within 50km weighing less than 22kgs costs around $10.20!

  4. We have other drop off points – Please email us for your closest drop off point!

  5. We are always looking to expand our drop off and delivery base so please contact via email if you think you can help.

  6. Check out Dandelion Support Network’s events on Facebook for other donation days coming up where you can drop off items for The Beauty Bank.

  7. Deliveries to the Sutherland Shire would be appreciated unless it is a large donation and then we may be able to assist. Please contact us.

  8. Due to financial and time restraints, we only accept social worker referrals rather than self referrals.